Introducing A Professional Way To Power Up Your Employee Benefits


The BenTec Team Gives Your Benefits Package The Power Of Options!

Bentec People

In order to give you the best possible service in implementing and maintaining employers' benefits programs, brokers team with us to give you an easy and professional benefits delivery.

We are one of the fastest growing benefit enrollment solutions specialists in the country, employing approximately 400 insurance professionals. The BenTec team includes industry experts with backgrounds in human resources, benefits, training, communications, enrollment centers,enrollment technology and administration. We offer experience dealing with large national firms, as well as with small local employers.

Our extensive experience with enrollments of all shapes and sizes has allowed us to become experts in the industry. As a leading producer for a number of prominent carriers, we also help you design a program of voluntary benefit offerings that best suits the needs of employees while complementing existing core benefit plans. We provide this service at no additional cost.

Enrollment Services

We utilize a wide range of benefit enrollment options to meet employers' individual needs. From on-site, face to face enrollment, to the latest in on-line capability, we give you the widest possible choice of enrollment services.



When you use BenTec as your benefits partner you are secure in the knowledge that all records and files are always kept up-to-date. We utilize industry leading techniques to insure that all regulations and employment laws are strictly adhered to.


HR Services

Besides the execution of your benefits program we also have the capacity to offer you additional Human Resource Services. With years of professional training and experience, we can provide many traditional HR Services at a substantial cost savings.


It Starts With Communication

Deciding which enrollment option will best fit companies begins with understanding the companies' needs. A large corporation with multiple locations might need a very different approach than a smaller company with their own unique set of circumstances. That is why your client's broker is utilizing our services. Our extensive experience allows us to listen to your client's input and then develop a customized delivery plan for your client's employees.

Our communication role does not end after designing a plan to fit your needs. We commit to bring added value by working with you and employees throughout the entire enrollment process. Benefits are carefully explained and we take the time to make sure employees are empowered to make the best decisions possible for their individual circumstances.


Helping Employers Develop Smart Benefits Strategies By Utilizing Voluntary Benefits

We help you expand existing Benefit Packages without expanding Benefit Budgets. You provide employees with a lot more options that help them with their own unique circumstance while keeping costs down.

Today, more than ever, employers are looking for alternative means to control costs so they can offer competitive benefit products that are still attractive to employees. We know that finding and retaining quality employees is an ongoing challenge. While it would be ideal if companies could provide every employee with an elaborate benefit offering it simply is not cost effective.

Voluntary employee benefits allow you to provide your employees access to group benefits with advantages that could not receive with individual policies, yet shift some of the financial responsibility to the employee. It gives them the opportunity to choose products that can benefit their own unique situation. We give them... the power of options!