The BenTec Team Has The Services To Fit Your Game Plan!

BenTec was formed to change the status quo in the insurance benefits arena.

Seeing a clear-cut need for improving enrollment of employees in products from multiple carriers in both core and voluntary benefits, the founders of BenTec set out to make use of a variety of enrollment platforms that could provide employers with options rather than pigeon hole them into cookie-cutter solutions.

Over time we have achieved our goal and today we are one of the fastest growing Benefit Enrollment Solutions firms in the country, conducting enrollments nationwide using our ground-breaking approach.

Enrollment Services:

Deciding which enrollment option will best fit an employer begins with communication. We listen closely to your needs, and help you develop a game plan that takes into consideration the employer's daily business activities, demographics and unique set of circumstances.

The goal is to make sure that employees are educated properly regarding their benefits so that they can make informed decisions. Our extensive experience in this arena has allowed us to create refined solutions for both on-site and off-site enrollments.

Features of our services for enrollments include:

  • Translation services for non-English speaking callers
  • Availability of Client Specific Phone Numbers
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
  • Scalable staffing size due to virtualization capabilities
  • Real-time and Historical Reporting


Employee Benefits:

Employers are often faced with some confusing choices when it comes to selecting employee benefit packages. BenTec specializes in helping you make wise and fiscally sound decisions for your benefit offerings. We help you choose the options that make sense for employees while helping you bolster employee loyalty and retention.

Typically we recommend a mix of voluntary benefits to complement your core offerings. That mix is usually dependent upon your existing company benefits, demographics, your industry and the goals you have for your company. We do the legwork for you by providing a detailed analysis that compares plan features, rates and industry ratings in order to insure that you make educated decisions on behalf of your employees.

With BenTec on your side, you have the advantage of access to "best in class" carriers so that your benefit dollars are optimized.

Dependent Audits:

Conducting a dependent eligibility audit can help employers save significant benefit dollars. In fact, dependent audits have been known to save millions in an employer's health care cost, put an end to outright fraud, and help keep premiums down for legitimate beneficiaries.

Our 3 phased approach to dependent audits is controlled, staged and flexible, and helps prevent employee backlash by the use of consistent communication strategies.

Read our Dependent Audit Case Study to examine how a dependent audit added dollars to the bottom line for one of our clients.

Administration Services:

Your Open Enrollment was a huge success...your employees loved the web-based enrollment platform...Now what? How will you handle new hires? How will you keep up with employee questions about benefits?

Benefits Administration can be a complex and time consuming process, not to mention a drain on your human resources staff. BenTec can simplify the process and make your life easier.

Working closely with you, we can set up a system that automates many administrative tasks*, such as:

  • New Hire Perpetual Enrollment
  • Processing Terminations and New Hires with Insurance Carriers
  • Payroll & HRIS Feeds

As always, various options apply based upon the level of service you require.